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Numerology Forecast for June 2021: Keep Your Balance

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of June brings a time of clarity to our evolving goals and aspirations. We are collectively shaking off the bad dreams of the past, and a new dawn has arrived that will have us awake at the wheel, fired up, and ready to roll!

The number 6 of June represents the themes of love, family, the home, protection, and community. There is a strong urge in the days ahead to gather together with others and celebrate life again. Thank God there is a relaxation of previous restrictions in most places, as we have all been marching through a state of “emotional dehydration” over the past few months.

Now is the time to plan a beach, mountain, or forest vacation, as nature is one of the best medicines to regain your spirit and equilibrium. Looking to the overall number for 2021, which is a 5, it is important to note that number 5 in the positive polarity is balance and equilibrium. June is the mid-point of the year, and we need to ask ourselves at this time, “How can I better manage myself in the days ahead, and how will I keep my balance under all circumstances?”

There is an “easing up” of the energies on the planet over the next two months, and we will be able to catch our breath and enjoy life again more fully. This is good. Having said that, the energies will start to crank up and intensify in the fall season, and you’ve gotta have your game-on for that.

Remember what got you through some of the tougher spots over the past 6 months and declare, ”Well, that 3 minutes of Breath of Fire a day, and the 8 oz. glass of carrot-celery juice, and the 3 mile walk through the park all seemed to be the tipping point for me of keeping it together. I think I’ll stick with the program.” Yep, you got that right!

Establish and maintain for yourself a “root practice.” This would be choosing 3 things to do in your day that have an elevating and stabilizing effect, and stick with it.

The number 6 of June has a quality of purification to it, as number 6 is the Fire Element. Anything you are able to do where you really break a sweat is fantastic. And hold off on the Sports-Stick for this, as sweating through the armpits helps to detoxify the brain!

Personally, I am visiting a remote high mountain desert area, and every morning I hit the hiking trails that wind through the land of cactus and coyotes. It’s a lot of huffing and puffing up and down the sandy rolling hills, and the sun has no mercy once you get past 10:00 in the morning. I have intentionally chosen this time of day, as it creates the maximum cardio exertion. It’s a far cry from the urban AC cooled yoga studios I‘m used to, and yet, I love it. You won’t find any iced lattes or Lulu-Lemon gear out here; it’s raw, wild, and real.

Getting real is what it’s all about for June and July, and these next 60 days are a time to enjoy and steep deeply in the things you love and cherish. When a piece of fabric is torn or damaged, a really good tailor knows how to reweave the threads of the material so it is strong and new again. We need to “reweave” into our lives the light, resiliency, and fluidity of the higher spiritual frequencies that will strengthen us.

One of the best ways to do this is through chanting, and the “Ek Ong Kar Sat Gurprasad, Sat Gurprasad Ek Ong Kar” mantra is perfect for this. If you can sit for 11 minutes and chant while focusing at the brow point (6th chakra) you will invoke the Fire Element and burn away negative thought patterns. Here is a link to a lively version of this mantra that will elevate you and is easy to sing along with.

Everyone likes power, and there is an important “power point” this month in the June 10th Solar Eclipse. This event has the ability to reveal and leverage out old emotional patterns relating to our ancestral-karmic-coding, and snap the cord of enslavement.

You owe it to yourself on this day to create some type of ceremony that symbolizes freeing yourself from the negative patterns of the past. For example, if all the women/men in your family had a certain illness or disability, write on a piece of paper the name of that illness and burn it in a ceremonial fire. For this ceremony surround yourself with pictures of Angels, gemstones, a picture of you as a happy child, a Holy book, and whatever else grounds and supports a vision of your healthy and healed higher self. Call it in and own it, because now is the time to release and shine.

There is a tremendous amount of benevolent energy beaming down on the planet now, and the Angelic forces want to help guide you in your quest for fulfillment. There is a real “Ask and you shall receive” dynamic at play here, just be sure to do your spiritual cleansing work so that you may attract the right shiny-new-penny that is worth holding on to.

We all know at this time on planet Earth there is a great polarization of consciousness, and not everyone likes to play fair. With the increase of the Fire Element throughout the month, know that some people will be easily “set-off” when things don’t go their way. This is why developing your Arc Line, the number 6, is so essential for navigating today’s world.

The aforesaid meditation will help this, and as number 6 is also family and the power of prayer, why not create a little prayer circle with your family for just 3 minutes before dinner and chant this mantra together. Remember, you are building a child who has the tool kit to excel through future time and space, and live within the domain of a self-sustaining grace.

Borrowing from a song of a beautiful day gone by, I would say, “We are the people, the people of love; let us people love today.”

Sat Nam, and may good fortune shine upon you.

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