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Numerology for March 2021: Move Your Energy

By Nam Hari

The month of March brings a swift jet stream of change and opportunity to our lives, and we can best leverage the energies of Spring by keeping in mind a few strategic tips and pointers.

The number 3 of March represents the themes of the Positive Mind, creativity, food, social outreach, humor, and knowing when to stop and rest. The pendulum can swing wide this month, as number 3 in the negative polarity is anger, worry, and a tendency to self-destruct under pressure. Let’s look at a few solutions to help stay on the sunny side of the street.

Food is a really big issue at this time, as number 3 represents food and how we choose to nurture ourselves. There may be moments where you feel suddenly driven to eat large amounts of food, as a buffer to the intensity of the emotional waves rolling through the auric field of the planet.

Number 3 represents the liver and sugar metabolism, so when wily 3 goes negative it wants to re-route your morning walk so it can pass by every bake shop on the block. You may feel the alluring aroma of cinnamon buns calling you, as they seemingly find their way into every vulnerable crevice of your best intentions, and you steadily quicken your pace while gripping the remains of a keto-protein bar crumbling in your hands.

The moral of the story is, chart your course wisely throughout the month as there will be times where you could try and justify an emotional freak-out. For example, “My boyfriend/girlfriend just dumped me, so eating a dozen doughnuts is a perfectly logical response.”

Well...maybe not. Let’s look at a few other options before nose-diving into glucose oblivion.

Get your iPod or whatever musical device you have, grab those sneakers, and hit the floor running to the great outdoors. Crank up the volume and start singing along with your favorite heartache lament, at the top of your lungs. Who cares if people think you’re crazy, you’re saving your liver.

The point is, you’ve got to try and swiftly respond and move the energy so it doesn’t stagnate. Once it gains emotional gravity you could be feeling stuck for a while. Sometimes drinking a beverage that is sugary and carbonated can satisfy the need for sweets, and help to get the Water Element balanced in your body.

You can go to the local convenience store or brew up your own medicine at home. A really good treat that is easy to make is a Chocolate Egg Cream. You get a tall glass, add about a half cup of milk, add 3 or 4 heaping tablespoons of chocolate syrup, and then slowly add seltzer water. Bubbly, creamy, delicious refreshment at a fraction of the metabolic death spiral you were originally headed towards.

Number 3 is the Fire Element, and we have double 3’s in the mix for both the month and Gift number (Gift is last two digits of the year, 2+1=3). When you add the month and Gift number together you get a brand new calculation—the Heart number. The Heart number for March is a 6, and number 6 is also the Fire Element. So, we’ve got a lot of heat brewing this month, and as the saying goes, “Don’t play with fire!”

The Fire Element is important; without it you couldn’t digest your food or stay warm in the winter. We can be fired-up about something in a good way, and accomplish a task in lightning speed. When the Fire Element is out of balance harsh words are spoken, almost like an emotional solar flare, leaving the other person feeling fried.

A good solution to balancing the Fire Element this month is Sitali Pranayam. Simple, easy, and highly effective. Just 3 to 5 minutes a day can save the day for you or another, as it effectively reduces anger and frustration.

On another note, let’s take a look at outer space. The Perseverance Rover that landed on Mars in February cost the United States 2.4 billion dollars (a lot of money) to create and send to another planet. Some of its primary functions are to check the weather on Mars and take soil samples.

Now, I am all for space exploration, so I am not directly criticizing Nasa. Go scientists!

What I am questioning is the timing of all this. In recent years, with all the turmoil of legions of disadvantaged people in need, could this money have been better spent? How happy would all the people in Texas be to know that their heating bills would be paid, and broken pipes fixed after the Arctic freeze disaster?

Furthermore, why not put all those great Nasa minds to work on problems people are facing on planet Earth, instead of the weather report on Mars? Because nobody’s going to Mars anytime soon. It’s not rocket science...or is it?

The number 3 of March challenges and inspires us to be creative and think outside the box. A Positive Mind and applied creativity can solve any problem. Let’s look at another example. There is a restaurant in Staten Island, New York called Enoteca Maria. The charm of this establishment is that it is run by a core group of 10 Italian grandmothers who have a rotating shift in the restaurant. Each grandma, or “Nonna” as they are called, will make a regional specialty dish on their designated cooking day. This way everyone stays fresh and on point!

When the pandemic hit and shut down all the restaurants, the Nonnas tied up their apron strings and got to work. They developed an online line of homemade Italian sauces that are now flying off the shelves to delivery trucks around the world. They are in business and thriving, and happy customers abound.

What I am suggesting is, “Get your Nonna on—do something creative.” The Heart number of March is a 6, and number 6 is the power of prayer and projective psyche. Number 6 is also love, family, and community, so you can ask yourself, “What do I love, and what will bring joy to others?”

We have a couple more months till the restrictions begin to lift to a more tolerable degree, so let’s not burn ourselves up in anger and frustration. When you need to vent—vent, let it out. This can be really good therapy too. Then regroup your energy and create a focal point of effective action and transformation. It can start with something as simple as saying, “I am an effective, creative, and compassionate being of light, and I am divinely guided and supported by the Universal Intelligence.”

May the good graces of the higher benevolent forces guide and sustain you in your every creative endeavor, and may you find the coziness of your own heart’s peace and joy.

Sat Nam.

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