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Yogic Living: The Challenges of the Aquarian Age

Have you felt a shift in your consciousness and in planetary energy? You're not alone...
The transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age is not easy.  From intense Earth changes to political corruption, from information overload to epidemics of depression and inner emptiness, change is afoot. 

In the Piscean Age, belief systems were based on what had always been taught. "That's just the way it is" was a common justification for systems and structures. In the Age of Aquarius, we believe in our experience of the Infinite. Our intuition guides and protects us. Beauty is based on inner character, not outward appearance. Values are based on integrity, service, and compassion, not possessions and greed. Nothing can be kept hidden. It is a time when we are being called to stand in truth and unite in the oneness of spirit, together. 
We can no longer look outside of ourselves for the answers. Quieting our minds, discovering our inner spirit, and joining in sacred community are key to riding this wave of transition with joy and victory.    

“Truth will be recognized, falsehood will fall. That is the message of the Aquarian Age.” –Yogi Bhajan    

Wisdom from the Master

Yogi Bhajan Quotes on the Aquarian Age & Sensory Human

The Aquarian Age Prosperity Affirmation

Consciousness in the Aquarian Age Excerpts from Shabd Guru: Basis, Use and Impact of the Quantum Technology of the Shabd Guru by Yogi Bhajan and Gurucharan Singh Khalsa


   The Self Sensory System of the Aquarian Age 

   The Aquarian Age of Tolerance

   What is the Age of Aquarius?

   Prepare Yourself to Serve the Age of Aquarius

   Winning the Game of Life  

   Crossing the Crises of Life

   The Sensory Human in the Aquarian Ag


Kundalini Yoga Technology

Three Kriyas for the Aquarian Age
"We are preparing people to enter the Age of Aquarius peacefully and righteously by giving them eleven minutes each of the meditations: Kirtan Kriya, Sat Kriya, and Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. Thirty-three minutes in the morning and thirty-three minutes in the evening will open up the chakras, balance your tattvas, and give you power in your own being.”

Meditation for an Invincible Spirit
In the face of any great change, we confront three destructive impulses: to be alone and withdrawn, to deny or fantasize about the future that's coming, and to live with greed or scarcity instead of prosperity. This mantra counters these three tendencies and instills the mind with courage and caliber.

Balancing Mind & Heart unto Infinity
Humanity is now going through a global transition into the Aquarian Age. This meditation balances the frequency and quality of the Heart Center. The Heart Center opens the potential for compassion and humility, which are greatly needed now.

Meditation to Develop the Self-Sensory System 
Record yourself reading Yogi Bhajan’s Sensory Human lecture and listen to it. Becomeoverflowing with energy, touching the hearts of people, feeling their feeling, and filling their emptiness. We will act great and our flow will fulfill the gratefulness in the hearts of others.”

Meditation for Preventing Mega Information Syndrome
Information overload is a hallmark of the Aquarian Age. Protect yourself from the debilitating effects on the nervous system.

The 4 Stroke Breath to Build Intuition
“In the Aquarian Age intuition will be the principle of identity. This is a little meditation to see how well we can tell our own pituitary to work for us. You must know reality by intuition. Not by knowledge. By the time reality becomes knowledge, it's too late." 

Meditation to Strengthen the Nervous System
We need strong nerves to handle the coming changes of the age.

Meditation to Connect with the Self-Sensory System
Learn to relate to the soul.There is no betrayal possible for a sensory person. When a sensory person checks his senses and projects from the sensory system, she can understand where she is going.”

Long Ek Ong Kars
"This mantra is known as the Ashtang Mantra for the Aquarian Age. Connect with the Cosmic Energy and become liberated from the cycle of time and karma.” 

Meditation for Becoming a Channel to Uplift Others in the Aquarian Age
“What your eyes see, it doesn't mean a thing. What you see with the inner eye, the third eye, that’s what matters. Let your electromagnetic field magnify itself and expand out. Let Infinity be your touch.”

Meditation for Stress and Sudden Shock
This meditation keeps the nerves from being shattered under stress and sudden shocks.

Earthquake Meditation
This meditation quells our emotional reactions to change. It is for both actual earthquakes and for the sudden shocks that happen in all aspects of our lives.

Antar Naad Mudra
This meditation brings prosperity, creativity, and protection against attacks. It helps to deal with information overload. Embody your philosophy, carry your values, increase your spiritual fitness and deliver yourself as an answer to the challenge of the Age.

Get Stable—Anywhere 
This little technique helps you find answers under abnormal, stressful conditions; it’s especially helpful when nothing makes sense. Take your fingers for a stroll and find your path forward.

The "Last Resort" Meditation
“Many things will happen in my absence which you need to survive through. Even if you are the dumbest of the dummies and nobody wants to buy you for 20 cents, if you can do this meditation correctly, you will come out with the best of yourself.”

The Triple Mantra
The Triple Mantra clears psychic and physical obstacles. It is a sure protector against car, plane and other accidents. It cuts through all opposing vibrations, thoughts, words and actions. It will strengthen your magnetic field and keep negativity away.

Meditation to Prevent Freaking Out
This meditation will alter your energy by changing your nostril breathing. You can't get out of your body, but you can change its energy.

Kriya to Withstand the Pressure of Time
This is a powerful and energetic kriya for a full tune-up of the nervous system. If the nerves are not tuned up, you will not be able to withstand the pressure of time. When life gets challenging, you might find yourself in a crumpled heap on the floor. On the other hand, you can meet the challenge with calm creative solutions.

Sa Ta Na Ma Kriya to Balance the Tattvas
“In the Age of Aquarius we must use these tools so we will not become fools. When the Tattvas are out of balance you will be off balance. When fire is out of balance you want to fight. When ether is out of balance you want to scratch. When water is out of balance you are moody. When earth is out of balance you live in denial. When the 5 Tattvas are in balance you are virtuous, smiling, powerful and attractive.”

The Aquarian Sadhana
The Aquarian Sadhana attunes your gunas, your chakras, and your mind to the change of the Age. We will need intuition, stamina, both physical and mental, self-awareness, and a new depth of spiritual experience that can hold our identity in the face of global changes, relentless competition, information overload, and ecological and environmental challenges.


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