Livestreaming Harijiwan and Snatam Today! | 3HO International

Livestreaming Harijiwan and Snatam Today!

Join us today for two amazing classes LIVE!! We want to share the Solstice experience with you. The sun is coming out today and we are expecting some warmer temps--who said FL was warm in the winter?? No matter the temperature, it's truly inspiring to experience our community come together in this way so be sure to plan on coming to Summer Solstice--we miss you!!

Classes are at EASTERN STANDARD TIME--to convert the time to your time zone use the link below:

MONDAY, December 20 – 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Fire Bright, Clear Light -Harijiwan Khalsa

Kundalini Yoga and the 3HO lifestyle are designed to activate dormant DNA codes and to prevent genetic and physical damage during the solar spectrum changes being experienced as the Earth aligns with the heart of the Milky Way, the Galactic Center. Join us as we use the Solstice Sun and the Gong to activate our elevated destiny to move through these critical celestial and terrestrial cycles.

MONDAY, December 20 – 3:00–5:00 p.m.

Experience Love through the Fire -Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh

Santam and Sopurkh

We often look for love in all the wrong places, because we haven't found it within first. Snatam and Sopurkh will share Kundalini mantras, meditations, and yoga that specifically strengthen the Fire Tattva within us so that we can have the internal strength and courage to really feel the presence of Love—and essentially the presence of God—within us each and every day.