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Journey to the Heart of Sikh Dharma

By Mata Mandir Kaur Khalsa

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Every September since 2000, inspired students from across the globe have made an investment in their spiritual growth by participating in a small group tele-course, Journey into the Heart of Sikh Dharma. For many, this course ties together the essential spirit of Sikhism and its many facets. What makes this experience so unique and rewarding is that it promotes authentic expression, deep self-reflection and creates a true sense of community within each group of students.
Journey into the Heart of Sikh Dharma is an international tele-course exploring the foundations of Sikh Dharma. Where does it come from and how does it interface with my practice of Kundalini Yoga? What are the foundational beliefs and practices, and how can I apply these in a meaningful way in my daily life? This course offers an overview of the Sikh Path as a spiritual technology including Sacred Chant and Naad Yoga that supports you in more deeply understanding this path that is beautifully entwined with Kundalini Yoga.
There are five sections to choose from, which make the course time convenient worldwide. The sections are facilitated by Mata Mandir Kaur or Sat Kaur. Each class session includes a discussion on a particular aspect of this sacred lifestyle, led by a presenter who is passionate about the topic – and there’s also ample time for sharing individual reflections and group questions. Open, non-judgmental discussion is encouraged and each call is recorded for those who’d like to revisit a topic or have to miss a class.
Our presenters are many of the finest teachers and trainers of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma from around the world. Each year the roster of teachers grows. To find out more: 
With a dedicated facilitator to guide you each step of the way, you’ll have an opportunity to reflect on how different aspects of this dharma appear in your life, and how you can integrate those even more deeply – whether you’re a yoga teacher, student or simply feel a call to explore this sacred science! Opportunities to create community through the classes’ shared journey are a gift to those who are not living in a sacred community. Classes are cozy, respectful and fun!
This course is specifically designed to accommodate those who are in the beginning stages of their journey as well as those who were born into this way of life, and anyone in between. Overall, participants will explore the history and evolution of Sikh Dharma including the history the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, which embodies the sacred writings of the Sikhs, the source of much of the beautiful music we all enjoy.
A recent student shared this about her experience:
"This course has allowed me to safely explore the beauty and depth of Sikh Dharma with a very committed group of like-minded souls. Our shares created intimate discussions about our life experiences, what this Dharma means, the Banis, Japji, death and dying and so much more. Each facet of the course has been a revelation onto itself. The person that enters the course in September gently evolves to a new level of consciousness by the final class..." – Siri Prakash Kaur
Our complete course outline is available at . 
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Mata Mandir Kaur Khalsa has been a minister of Sikh Dharma since 1984 and is a Certified Teacher of Kundalini Yoga. She is a professionally trained pastoral counselor and knows how to create safety and connection in a group. Her compassion, wisdom and playful style remind us of the deep and loving connections that are possible on our own unique path of spiritual evolution. Her “heartfull” presence fosters an environment that welcomes all questions, viewpoints and experiences. Her knowledge and deep love of Sikh Dharma serve to inform and inspire her students. Mata Mandir is passionately committed to facilitating connection and spiritual growth, both in the class and in her life. She lives in Herndon, VA, and enjoys the blessings of her 25 year marriage to GuruGanesha Singh, her children, Saraswati Kaur and Akal Sahai Singh, and her 3 adorable granddaughters. Her great joys are playing and listening to kirtan, walking in nature and swimming in the ocean. Working with Mata Mandir is a journey of self-discovery and transformation.