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Prosperity – It’s a Feeling

By Navraj Kaur/Judith Nappo

Having spent most of my working life and waking life running after and accumulating monetary prosperity, it was quite a shock having lost substantial amounts of it late in life. Facing a retirement without a nice little bag of funds on the side looked rather bleak. I was too old for the job market which was my traditional route to bonus reserves with every career move upward.

It was the first time in my life that my very vocal personality was no longer going to be 'selling' itself to a corporation. Prosperous became a state of being that no longer applied to me. A cloud of insecurity came over me. Having defined myself by what I did for so long, I didn't know who I was anymore.

Then I remembered that I had created the Corporate Me all those years ago and since the world is still full of opportunities, I figured I could create whatever 'Me' was to come next. About the same time, Kundalini Yoga fell into my lap. Yippee I thought, I will create the Yogi-Me! I can market myself as a guide, coach, healer, therapist—and there will be plenty of people who will pay for my services. A chance to build those financial reserves magically appeared.

Within one year I applied myself to the teachings, got certified as a teacher and therapist and wrote a business plan. I scouted the market, began networking locally, gave courses, coached private clients. I was busy again and thought for sure, on my way to prosperity. What I didn't realize was that in my little world of busy, I was a crash waiting to happen. 

And it did. I could no longer function as before. It was like I had cement shoes on. I was completely static. My mind became confused. My body signaled a traffic jam. I lost my ability to communicate. I fell into silence.

I spent the summer close to home, seeking help from inside as to what was going on. I realized that I could no longer DO. My consciousness had changed. My health, my attitude, my interests revolved around very basic things—day by day awareness of what Be-ing actually meant. So I walked and reflected in the sunshine or sat and looked out at the rain steaming up the streets.

One day, on impulse I checked into the origins of the word prosperity, which, of course, in my mind I always linked with material wealth. In the Old Latin I found a closer-to-the heart definition. The roots pro + spere bring us "according to expectation." This was an AHA-experience for me. My soul had been giving me new messages about prosperity. That life which I previously designed according to what I thought and what social consciousness dictated was no longer fitting for me. My expectations had changed.

It was the silence, the stuck-ness, that allowed my heart and my soul to fill the space with a new awareness about prosperity.

Prosperity is a feeling!

It's the fuzzy feeling of knowing that everything is okay just the way it is. Knowing that being a yogi doesn't mean I have to create a whole new business. It's okay if I enjoy having a few private clients and spend the rest of my time enjoying life. Prosperity is the secure feeling of knowing money is energy and therefore not only in the bank if I put it there, but it is everywhere in all kinds of forms.

Prosperity is the confident feeling that comes from knowing I can change the state of my health for the better by changing my inner self-talk. Prosperity is the warm feeling from the inner light of knowing that I am loved. And it's that outward radiance that others feel when I walk by.

Prosperity means allowing myself to live each day on my terms—soul mission terms. Prosperity means I feel prosperous. I am prosperity.

Navraj Kaur aka Judith Nappo is passionate about the infinite potential to make the world a better place using the powerful tools of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Currently she is challenging leaders to live above and beyond what they believe they are capable of. With a long career of business behind her, she took what she learned about leadership and combined it with Kundalini Yoga and meditation to offer a holistic perspective on leading through personal transformation. Originally from Hudson County New Jersey, she tells people she is a New York City girl. She has been living in the eastern part of Switzerland since 1984.