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Aquarian Medicine Begins with the Heart

By Dr. Harijot Singh Khalsa, New Mexico, USA

Shen, the Master Energy of Chinese Medicine, dwells in the heart. It is the energy of the Divine. It is the master of physical energies. It harmonizes the emotions and guides the workings of the intellect and the spiritual aspects of mankind. It determines one’s actions and one’s attitudes towards others. It rules the vital force (Ch’i and Prana) in both body and mind.

Shen has been called the God Consciousness within us. It is the divinely inspired part of us, and when balanced, we enjoy the emotions of joy, love, and compassion (which are associated with the heart meridian). If our Shen is not balanced, we cannot see God in all things and we cannot accept the universal flow of change. Our perception becomes distorted and we perceive this spirit as being our own. We confuse spirit with ego. This alienates us from our true selves.

Emotions are a natural response to the changes of our environment, to people, events, and problems. If we stop this natural response by holding on to the emotion and repressing it, it imbalances the Shen. Then worry, grief, fear, and anger begin to control our physical energy. If we attempt to numb ourselves so that we cease to experience unpleasant emotions, tension becomes stored in our body. Our energy becomes altered and our health is affected. In an attempt to shut out pain, we instead shut off pleasure and create an imbalance of vital force flowing in the organ meridians, resulting in associated physical problems.

The following techniques help to balance and harmonize the Shen energy. The first exercise requires two people:

Rhythms of the Heart

1.      The receiver sits in easy pose. The giver sits at the left side of the receiver, placing the right palm on the spine area between the shoulder blades at approximately the 5th thoracic vertebrae, and the left palm is placed midway on the sternum (the breastbone).

2.      The giver then projects a healing energy flowing back and forth between his/her hands for two minutes or more.

This exercise helps to regulate the blood pressure, balances the heart center and brings a state of calmness and peace. When our Shen energy is in harmony, we can begin to experience our Divine Self.

Chinese Swing Exercise

Chi Gung is an ancient Chinese exercise form. It is used as a health therapy, and as a kind of moving meditation. The Chinese Swing Exercise is a simple Chi Gung form that has been prescribed for people of all ages. This simple exercise has been noted to increase circulation, help the heart, improve breathing and digestion, and relieve fatigue, tension, and much more. It is an exercise for maintaining and preserving health.

1.      Stand with the feet spread about a foot and a half a part, with the arms hanging down loosely by the sides.

2.      The fingers should be straight and close together, the palms facing back.

3.      The stomach is held inward and the upper body erect.

4.      The neck should be lowered slightly forward and kept relaxed.

5.      Press down on the floor with the heels and toes.

6.      Focus the eyes on a point about ten feet way, and relax the mind.

7.      To begin, move the arms backward as far as possible, then let them swing freely forward until they attain about a 60 degree angle in front of your body.

8.      Now bring them back again, and then forward, establishing a regular swing rhythm.

Begin with 200 repetitions of the exercise a day and build up to 1500 or, if possible, 2000. This could be time consuming, but the feeling and inner glow one receives from even 300 – 400 swings will prove its value.

Recommended flower essences and herbs for the heart:

Bleeding Heart – to help heal feelings of abandonment and rejection, and boost your self-esteem

Yerba Santa – to help release old emotional ghosts

Dr. Harijot is one of the first Westerners certified in Chinese Medicine and Herbology. He is a registered Physical Therapist, and holds doctorates in both Naturopathy and Natural Sciences. His unique talent is to combine compassion with keen intuition for extraordinary healing. Dr. Harijot is available for phone consultations. Call 505.753.5607.